Ready, Set, Spend!

Your MyChoice® Accounts Visa Debit Card is New and Improved

The MyChoice Accounts Visa debit card comes with a sleek new design and contactless payment feature – just a quick tap and you’re done!

Managing your eligible expenses has never been easier. Use the card to pay for doctor and dentist visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, hearing care, vision care and even parking and transit expenses, depending on your account(s).

To get started, activate your debit card and establish your PIN. Here’s how:

  1. Call 1-877-315-3483. (For your protection, your card can’t be used until it’s activated.)
  2. Sign the back of your card.
  3. Start using your card for eligible expenses!

Manage your benefits and transactions on the go with the MyChoice Mobile App

women holding a card and cellphone
The MyChoice Mobile App allows you to stay connected with your benefits wherever you are
  • Check your balance
  • File a claim or request funds
  • Pay a provider
  • Upload documentation with your device’s camera
  • Contact member services
  • Manage bank accounts, debit card and providers

Android App on Google Play Store