Why MyChoiceTM Accounts

Employee Experience

Delivering a next-level experience for today’s consumer

What do you get when you combine a technology-driven company with a team of benefits experts?

You get a solution that is focused on empowering the employee with an experience that is meaningful, focused on outcomes and always puts the participant first.

Employees, as consumers of healthcare, are demanding more resources, tools and self-service applications to better manage their health and financial well-being. MyChoice Accounts enables participants to fully manage their accounts from one system, one card and one app.

MyChoice Accounts is more than just a tool to manage one’s accounts. It includes access to our personal benefits assistant SofiaSM, who provides immediate support to the participant in understanding their account. Automated optical character recognition means participants receive swift reimbursment for manually submitted claims. Additionally, all accounts can easily be managed from their phones using the MyChoiceTM Mobile App.

How We Make a Difference

Engaged Workforce

Personalized system reminders to optimize account balances


One multi-purse spending account card allows for employees to swipe for their purchase, and the system will automatically deduct from the applicable account

AI enabled

Support from Sofia, our personal benefits assistant, to understand and manage account options

Faster processing

Simplified manual claims processing, with AI and optical character recognition, means swift reimbursement

One app

Manage and upload claims through the MyChoice Mobile App

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