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Goal Accounts

Did you know that personal financial stress dramatically reduces productivity at work?

Financial wellness has never been more important, and we want to help your employees save for tomorrow AND today.

Why MyChoiceTM Accounts?

Designed to address persistent issues with financial well-being, these consumer accounts provide employees with a simplified opportunity to improve financial health - helping to increase employee productivity and reduce stress related to financial issues.

Putting Goal Accounts to Work

Goal Accounts help employees save for specific upcoming expenses such as a vacation or a new car. Goal Accounts automatically deduct a set amount from each paycheck to keep your employees budget on track.

The Goal Account is not an IRS qualified account: it’s simply an automatic program that allows employees to have money automatically set aside from their paycheck and placed in an account. Since this is done automatically, the money is sent to the employees account before they see it. That way, they won’t miss it and they don’t have to go through the effort of making a deposit to their account.

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