Why MyChoiceTM Accounts

Employer Administration

Delivering streamlined solutions for your Consumer Account needs

Providing consumer accounts to your workforce is important.

When done right, they play a critical role within your healthcare and cost reducing strategies and often minimize negative financial impact among your workforce. However, while these accounts often make up less than 2% of your total benefit costs, many benefits professionals see them taking up 20% of their time to administer effectively.

It’s time for a change.

Our solution is built on the premise that technology should work for you, increasing automation and reducing the administrative load by leveraging state-of-the-art technology. All while delivering the best possible experience for the today’s consumers.

That means simplified funding and financial reconciliation, and a streamlined payroll deduction process as well as robust reporting and automated data exchange. And, through our instant CIP processing, opening HSAs is streamlined, vastly reducing the need to reconcile accounts after elections have been made. Built with a flexible infrastructure, MyChoice Accounts can be implemented with any number of technologies or programs.

Let’s break it down.

What We Deliver

Real-Time Customer Identification Program (CIP)

Employees are validated and accounts are opened instantly during enrollment which minimizes “funding failures” allowing employees to begin using benefits right away.

Data Exchange

Automated data exchange with your benefits platform to streamline data processing.

Instant Funding

Funds are disbursed immediately upon approval and available instantly on card or next day by ACH.

Reduced Service Challenges

Our Member Advocates are trained to help your workforce navigate their accounts, helping them become stronger advocates of their health.

Compliance Ready

Our account experts and compliance team will keep you up to date on important compliance regulations and legal changes impacting your accounts.

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