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What are Consumer Accounts?

Consumer Accounts are benefits offered by an employer to supplement employees’ health plans and/or offer added financial benefits, such as incentive programs and savings opportunities. You may know them by their acronyms, like “FSA,” “HRA” and “HSA.”

They are designed to help you save on healthcare, day care, wellness, transportation, parking, tuition and lifestyle expenses.

Flexible Spending Accounts
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Health Reimbursement Accounts
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Health Savings Accounts
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Lifestyle + Goal Accounts
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Commuter Benefits
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Manage your benefits on the go

The MyChoice Mobile App allows you to stay connected with your benefits wherever you are.

  • Check your balance
  • File a claim or request funds
  • Pay a provider
  • Upload documentation with your device’s camera
  • Contact member services
  • Manage bank accounts, debit card and providers

Managing Your Account Video

Accessing your funds
  1. Payment Card: Use your MyChoice Accounts Visa® debit card to pay for eligible expenses with a simple swipe. Accepted at most major retailers, medical/dental/vision providers and more.
  2. Reimbursement:  If your account isn’t carded, or if you’d like to get reimbursed for an out-of-pocket expense, simply log on to your benefits portal or use the MyChoice Mobile App to submit a claim or fund transfer. To make it really simple, you can add your banking info for direct deposit. If you really love paper, we accept faxed and mailed forms, too.
  3. Pay a Provider: If you want to pay a bill for an eligible expense, you may also initiate your payment online or via the mobile app (examples: doctor visit, lab fees, hospital bill).

Accessing Your Funds Video

Note: Usage of the Not all organizations utilize the MyChoice Accounts Visa® debit card.