Why MyChoiceTM Accounts

We built our solution from the ground up

Businessolver® has been solutioning and creating technology to deliver the right benefits at the right time for over twenty years.

Building on our expertise, we saw a need for a greater level of service and integration for consumer-directed accounts. We looked to the market but found that most solutions in place did not have the service, delivery and most importantly, the technology to meet the Businessolver standard. 

We wanted our clients to have an extraordinary experience, so we took matters into our own hands. We brought together a team of experts, people who had deep consumer accounts expertise and product development, and with their vision and experience, we built a brand-new system. One with unparalleled flexibility and choice for participants.

At Businessolver, we believe in a culture of “why” - finding the purpose and the reason behind everything we do. For MyChoice Accounts that was easy, we wanted to build a better way for employees to manage their hard-earned money, and create streamlined, hassle-free solutions for HR teams, so they can focus on what matters most: their people.

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