Businessolver delivers new platform innovations to enhance HR professional and employee experiences

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Businessolver delivers new platform innovations to enhance HR professional and employee experiences 
HR technology leader continues to expand technology capabilities of Benefitsolver in first half of 2018

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (June 5, 2018) –  Businessolver®, a leader in SaaS-based benefits administration technology, continued to focus its efforts on enhancing the user experience by rolling out multiple platform and service innovations in the first half of 2018. To stay ahead of the ever-changing benefits landscape, meet multi-generational employee needs, and address HR professional challenges, Businessolver made innovative, strategic technological developments to support a personalized and engaging year-round benefits journey.

“At Businessolver, we are continuing to prioritize our client experiences and make every effort to ensure we meet them when and where they need us most,” said Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer, Rae Shanahan. “Given the current benefits landscape, we set our sights on developing innovations that helped solve pain points for the growing millennial and boomer workforce populations, the lack of benefits literacy, and the need for more empathetic and accessible design.”




Holistic management of health + wealth

In March, Businessolver announced a collaboration with Transamerica to offer the industry-first, advanced integration of wealth and health. Employees using Businessolver’s proprietary benefits administration platform, Benefitsolver®, are able to enroll in or update their Transamerica retirement plan during an enrollment period when they also select their core medical and voluntary benefits offered through their employer. This gives employees a holistic, “one wallet” view of how various retirement plan contribution levels affect their near-term take-home pay, as well as their long-term retirement goals.

Streamlined retirement offerings to make planning for the future easier

Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning the retirement age of 65 each day, according to Pew Research. Businessolver recognized the need for more robust retiree offerings and in May, the company rolled out enhanced functionality for their retiree services. This functionality streamlines the transition from employee to retiree, but more importantly, it allows for greater ability to support the complexity in plan design, contributions and eligibility tailored specifically to the client’s retiree population. This was completed in an effort to provide Businessolver clients with everything they need to more efficiently serve and manage their aging workforce.

Enhanced benefits selection tools to help employees make more informed decisions

In early 2018, Businessolver partnered with Zelis Health to implement an enhanced healthcare provider lookup service. With Zelis, Businessolver has access to the largest collection of healthcare provider network data in the U.S. and can provide members with easy access to view in-network providers, ensuring peace of mind and cost savings down the road.

Businessolver also introduced new enhancements to SofiaSM, their industry-first, machine learning personal benefits assistant, including voice recognition that allows employees to use their microphone to speak to Sofia and answer questions in six languages. Over the last six months, Sofia’s knowledge set has grown more than 200 percent and includes the ability to answer questions far beyond her original skillset of dependent verification and COBRA.

“Our team is delighted by the level of customer adoption and knowledge growth we’ve seen for Sofia since her launch last October,” said Businessolver Chief Technology Officer, Sean McMurray. “Enhancing Sofia's vocabulary, languages and incorporating voice recognition was a logical next step and will allow her to serve a broader set of employees – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no wait times.”

Continuing to focus on enhancing the user experience, in April Businessolver rolled out a new interface and a plethora of enrollment tools for their MyChoiceSM Recommendation Engine aimed at helping users make the right decisions as they determine the right benefits for their needs. Furthermore, they developed greater customization to their Total Rewards service which provides flexibility in displaying all elements of the employer’s benefits package in an easy-to-read online format.

Expanded advanced integration capabilities

Businessolver has made notable progress with its advanced integration capabilities. Their LiveKinnectSM API allows vendors and carriers to make real-time calls to and from Benefitsolver. This facilitates controlled communication when important information needs to be passed back and forth to fully manage one’s benefits program. In addition, we are excited to now offer clients an advanced API connection with Ultimate Software allowing for a real-time transfer of census and payroll information between Ulti-Pro and Benefitsolver systems. This will improve efficiency in onboarding new employees and remove the room for error when employees make changes to their benefits or demographic information.

Empathetic accessibility options for all users

Lastly, in March, Businessolver announced the results of their accessibility audit and declared compliance with applicable Section 508 V2 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A and AA guidelines. Understanding that no technology is one size fits all, Businessolver spent the last year enhancing the Benefitsolver system to ensure assistive devices, such as screen readers and special keyboards, are able to navigate the platform. Beyond assistive devices, the user experience was enhanced for those with cognitive disabilities or those who require more time in the system to make their way through their benefits enrollment. This was done to ensure all employees have equal access to managing their benefits online.

“These product developments help organizations to better engage with their employees when they need it most and are evidence of our continued commitment to deliver market-changing benefits technology that serves HR professionals and their employees,” said Shanahan.

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