Businessolver Showcases Product Advancements at 2018 HR Technology Conference

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

HR technology leader highlights its continued commitment to customer experience excellence through award-winning solutions

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (September 11, 2018) –  Businessolver®, a leader in SaaS-based benefits administration technology, is bringing its latest platform and service innovations to Las Vegas this week for the annual 2018 HR Technology Conference and Expo. The additional product and service advancements continue to focus on helping HR professionals and their employees navigate the growing year-round complexity of the benefits landscape through empathetic design, artificial intelligence and personalized communications.

“Our continued presence at HR Tech allows us to connect with key clients, carriers and partners in the benefits technology industry to highlight our commitment to innovative and effective solutions,” said Businessolver Chief Executive Officer, Jon Shanahan. “We are proud of the product and service advancements we have delivered to our clients because they’re focused on enhancing their experience and providing support for their benefits administration needs year-round.”

Intelligent applications integrated into business administration platform

This year Businessolver placed a tremendous focus on enriching the intelligent applications that live within its benefits administration platform, Benefitsolver®. Sofia, Businessolver’s award-winning, industry-first personal benefits assistant uses artificial intelligence to answer employee benefits questions through text-to-text or voice recognition, both online and through the MyChoice Mobile App.

After being introduced in October 2017, Sofia has added to her expansive capabilities, including:

  • Increased her knowledge by more than 250 percent, learning new skills and improving her service with each employee interaction.
  • Saved members over 300,000 minutes by providing immediate resolutions with no wait times.
  • Took more than 25 percent of her chats after hours, meeting the needs of those who are not available to select benefits during a traditional 9-to-5 work day.

In September, Businessolver launched Sofia’s latest capability of managing workflow, which allows Sofia to carry out specific tasks at the employee’s request, such as updating a dependent’s information. This feature provides a greater level of service for the employee as Sofia can immediately make changes on their behalf.

Businessolver also leveraged its machine learning framework to bring Instant Dependent Verification to the platform. Studies show that companies can save an average of three to eight percent on their health insurance costs by identifying and dropping ineligible participants through quality dependent verification audits. Applying artificial intelligence through machine learning and image recognition, Businessolver is now able to approve those dependents within seconds, all from within the Benefitsolver system. This process is more intuitive for the employee, provides efficiencies in accuracy by reducing human error and minimizes the retroactive deduction process.

Stop by the Businessolver booth 2337 at HR Tech, grab a cup of coffee and meet Sofia.   

Personalized communication services for customers to support enrollment

A major focus in 2018 was expanding the overall communications experience within Benefitsolver for HR professionals. By enhancing its HTML capabilities, Benefitsolver is now able to deliver even more efficient and effective communications to employees during peak enrollment periods. These enhancements allow greater personalization, branding, and messaging to ensure employees are enrolling in the right benefits, in the right place, at the right time. 

Additionally, Businessolver added greater customization to its Total Rewards service, allowing employers to fully capture and communicate their total compensation and benefits package to employees. Through both online and print options, HR professionals have more opportunities to communicate their total benefits investment to the employees they are working to recruit and retain.

More empathetic user experience to drive stronger employee engagement

“Empathy remains a key workplace value and cornerstone for Businessolver, especially as we continue to explore empathy’s role in the workplace through our State of Workplace Empathy Study,” said Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer, Rae Shanahan. “Our study has uncovered data-backed truths about the necessity for empathetic design to engage employees, which is a driving factor in our continued investment in evolving our user experience. At HR Tech, we’ll highlight how our unique empathetic design creates a more efficient enrollment experience for members.”

Notably, Businessolver also added a third gender option within its Benefitsolver platform to create an all-inclusive enrollment experience. With this update, clients have the ability to introduce a nonbinary gender option for their employees when they are electing benefits.

Earlier this year, Businessolver put tremendous effort into expanding its MyChoice Recommendation Engine with a new interface and more educational tools for users. Today, the robust decision support tool is even better equipped to connect employees to the benefits decisions that suit their unique lifestyle and needs.

To experience Sofia in action, take the new Businessolver Empathy Index and learn more about the new Benefitsolver advancements, visit Businessolver booth 2337 at the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Expo, Sept. 11 – 14 at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas or


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