eHealth, insurance marketplace

Access to Coverage When It's Needed Most

Some of the most commonly discussed challenges in the benefits world tie back to one theme: providing medical insurance coverage options to underserved employee populations. Who are we talking about? Populations like COBRA-eligible, pre-65 retirees, and part-time employees. Starting to ring a bell now? Businessolver® has developed a solution that can support all of these populations through an integration and partnership with eHealth®, the leading online marketplace for individual and family health insurance products in the nation.

The eHealth solution will provide individual consumer insurance options for members who are not eligible for full-time medical benefits. This allows you to take care of even more of your employees through the complete employee lifecycle. A seamless integration will pass over specific demographic data to eHealth so members will be able to get a personalized quote with little effort – all without sending over any PII or PHI.