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Association Administrator Doubles Membership

Posted August 9, 2019

Client considers Businessolver an "unspoken partner" in delivering delight.

When it comes to benefits administration, Capstone Administrators is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of provider. Since they service plans with different types of groups, they needed infrastructure they could easily configure themselves to meet the needs of each client. Their goal: To provide seamless, secure, state-of-the-market delivery to a varied and growing client base while making their clients’ days less hectic, less complicated and more efficient. With a specialized, deep knowledge of the pooled health insurance space, Capstone Administrators, a large association administrator and consulting firm, was looking to grow with a state-of-the-market benefits technology partner. They wanted to combine their almost obsessive focus on client and individual service and their domain expertise with a flexible, scalable delivery platform to bring a solid solution to their market.

Company Snapshot
  • Indianapolis-based benefits administrator specializing in trade associations around the country
  • Services over 21,000 employees in more than 15 pooled groups
  • Also serves MEWAs and single employers
  • Division of the Capstone Group, founded in 2005