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Construction company ditches paper process

Posted October 4, 2016

Pepper Construction’s benefits administration infrastructure hadn’t quite caught up to its state-of-the-art construction around the Chicagoland area.

They called on Businessolver to help change that. Take a peek into how this company was able to bring their benefits administration platform up to the level of greatness it consistently displayed in its construction.

  • Tackling changes in legislation
  • Finding technology solutions for employee onboarding and benefits administration
  • Eliminating paper-based enrollment and recordkeeping

Businessolver’s transparency and willingness to collaborate is what this construction company relied on to bring delight to their HR and employees. They enjoyed the fact that Businessolver is an accessible partner and always ready to meet their needs.

  • Configurable onboarding platform solved their onboarding issues
  • Traditional online enrollment and benefits administration capabilities helped them move away from paper
  • It was easy for them to use our platform that is clear, clean and effective rather than fancy and inefficient
  • Their admins were able to access support easily