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MyChoiceTM Recommendation Engine

Posted February 27, 2018

86 percent of employees find the insurance purchase process confusing, 38 percent report they are not very confident that they made the right decisions during their last annual enrollment, and 42 percent do not believe they use their benefits effectively.

We understand employees are easily frustrated by the insurance-buying process. We know that the tools they’re getting today for decision support and health insurance recommendations aren’t providing the kind of support they really need.

We also know that despite all of their bells and whistles, despite their slick user interfaces and references to consumer-like experiences, most of today’s benefits technology systems, decision support tools and insurance recommendation tools fail to support employees in ways that are meaningful, authentic, and substantive. It’s time for a better solution. It’s time for MyChoice℠ by Businessolver.

Download this solution sheet to find out how the Businessolver MyChoice Recommendation Engine can make a difference with your employees.