Association Administrator Doubles Membership


Client considers Businessolver an "unspoken partner" in delivering delight.

When it comes to benefits administration, Capstone Administrators is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of provider. Since they service plans with different types of groups, they need infrastructure they can easily configure themselves to meet the needs of each client.

Their goal is to provide seamless, secure, state-of-the-market benefits delivery to a varied and growing client base while making their clients’ days less hectic, less complicated and more efficient. That’s why they chose to partner with Businessolver, whom they consider an “unspoken partner” in delivering delight to their customers every day.

The Client’s Challenges
  • With over 21,000 members in more than 15 pooled groups, they couldn’t settle for a solution that requires them to say “no” to their customers.
  • They must rely on an infrastructure they can easily configure themselves to meet the needs of each client.
Story Highlights

Businessolver’s benefits technology platform, Benefitsolver®, had everything Capstone Administrators needed to serve and expand their customer base, including:

  • An easily configurable and flexible platform that allowed them to grow their employee base from 9,200 to over 21,000.
  • A single database for all insurance carriers that ensures accuracy and allows for consolidated billing.
  • An easy-to-use enrollment site for employee self-service.