Benefits for Every Occasion


Benefits for Every Occasion.

American Greetings, known around the world as a leader in meaningful connections, entrusts Businessolver® to build a similarly personal benefits experience for its associates and their families.

When you need to express something just right, chances are you turn to American Greetings®. The 112-year-old company is the leading producer of greeting cards worldwide. Its founder started the company selling greeting cards from a horse-drawn cart. That’s the level of personal connection that’s ingrained into the culture – and the same level of personalization the company’s benefits team found when partnering with Businessolver as its benefits administration technology provider.

Company Snapshot
  • A social expressions leader dedicated to making the world a more thoughtful and caring place by supporting meaningful connections as the world’s largest producer of greeting cards; also leading producer of e-cards and party products
  • 20,000+ employees world-wide including North America, Europe, and Australia
  • Distributed in over 125,000 retail outlets in more than 70 countries


With user experience and employee service being top priorities, American Greetings chose Businessolver® as its benefits administration technology partner. “Our company focuses on making the world a more thoughtful and caring place,” Korte explains. “And we felt that through the Businessolver way, in their focus on delight.” She adds that Benefitsolver® featured the flexible functionality to be configurable to the company’s unique benefits needs, and noted the platform innovation to fit future needs as well.

As part of introducing the new administration solution, American Greetings asked Businessolver to help with communications — including creating a new benefits brand, custom online graphics, and a print newsletter for Annual Enrollment.


When an organization is more than a century old and has a diverse workforce, it likes and needs things “a certain way.” That’s how Kelley Korte, Director of Benefits Planning at American Greetings, captures the intangibles of the company’s culture and benefits approach. After a previous benefits technology experience that Korte says was riddled with “multiple problems – technical capabilities and poor customer service, but worst of all  was inaccurate and untimely responses to our associates,” American Greetings needed a partner that would join Korte and her team in taking care of its associates. “A lot of them are in manufacturing, with only 20-minute breaks,” she says. “They can’t be on hold for a long time, or hunting for information, or trying to figure out complicated technology.”


  • Since partnering with Businessolver, the majority of American Greetings associates now say they are comfortable with enrolling in their benefits online.
  • 41% of associates say the Annual Enrollment experience was better than before.
  • American Greetings saw record-high participation in its wellness program, with associates using Benefitsolver to track their progress and claim wellness credits.

“We’re delighted because we needed some special things done for our employees and Businessolver came through; that’s critically important to us.”

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