Manufacturing Company Boosted Enrollment


True Manufacturing: Refrigeration Company Gets a “Cool” Benefits Upgrade

Company Snapshot

  • Privately held, family-owned international manufacturing company: Refrigeration and 
    coolers for retailers and restaurants
  • More than 2,000 US-based employees in multiple locations. Headquartered in St. Louis
  • Best-in-Class award winner and market leader in food-service refrigeration


Like many HR professionals these days, Becky Pitzer, Director of HR at True Manufacturing, had to revolutionize her team and everything they do almost overnight in March 2020. In a manufacturing setting, she couldn’t just send everyone home with a laptop and do some “remote work” training. They needed to find ways to equip their more than 2,000-member team with PPE, maintain a safe working environment, become contact tracers, stay in touch with the local health departments (multiple departments with varying—sometimes conflicting—regulations), create their own regulations, get employees to comply with those regulations, source thermometers and carry on with the business. And that was on top of the regular duties that HR and benefits teams find on their plates on a given day. Sound familiar? In Pitzer’s words, “we needed something to take our benefits to the next level,” meaning, an engaging tool that provided education, support and a simple way to enroll.


Pitzer and team were looking for a culture fit as much as they were an outstanding benefits administrator partner. For the 75-year-old family-owned company, their key priorities were taking good care of their employees by implementing a seamless benefits enrollment process.

Pitzer says, “Businessolver helped make enrollment more appealing, more engaging— they helped the team member understand their benefits with fewer people on our end.”

Not only did the technology assist, but she found herself answering fewer questions from employees overall, which was a relief as she coped with the added pressures of the pandemic.

“We run a lean benefits team. We needed a tool that would help fill that gap. Sofia is one of our staff members now.”

Sofia® is Benefitsolver’s® virtual benefits assistant, whose machine learning and ability to deflect questions from both client administrators and the member service center has increased year over year from her launch in 2017. During the 2021 annual enrollment season across all clients, Sofia took 82% of the total chat volume and resolved 87% of her chats. Members are able to access Sofia during the enrollment process online, over the phone and via the MyChoice® Mobile App.


Simplified Enrollment Experience for Everyone

One of the first and most noticeable benefits Pitzer noticed was the lack of noise and confusion around annual enrollment (AE). One of the features that was appealing to her team was the simplicity of the enrollment system. Between the configurable layouts and the ability for employees to manage their benefits on the mobile app, Benefitsolver fit the bill to help them engage their workforce.

Even during their first enrollment cycle, employee engagement was up by 30% over True Manufacturing’s prior vendor. That number was especially exciting for a passive enrollment and fewer on-site opportunities for benefits meetings.

“We couldn’t have done that without Benefitsolver in place. We had nothing but rave reviews after this first AE. Our employees were very happy and complimentary of the product.”
Guided Benefits Decisions for Financial Wellness

The True team also saw a sizeable uptick in enrollment in voluntary benefits due to the MyChoice Recommendation Engine that guides employees through the process and helps them think through the value of the benefit, versus just the cost.

“It makes a lot of sense and follows the logic of the kind of decision-making process that we as benefits managers are hoping for. It’s how we like to train people to think about their benefits. Don’t just get that coverage because your parents had it or your neighbor said it was good—evaluate your need and weigh the cost. The recommendation engine does that,” Pitzer says.

Sofia Promoted to Full-Fledged Member of the True Team

Sofia took 97% of the incoming chats to the member service center for True Manufacturing during AE (October – December 2020), with an even mix between generations at 40% Generation X, 28% Baby Boomers and 30% Millennials. Of the chats she took, she resolved 97% —meaning the employee did not reach out for assistance again within seven days of their first question.

Additionally, Sofia resolved nearly half of True Manufacturing’s callers via touchtone assistance and 67% of callers with questions. Sofia’s assistance on nights and weekends came in handy as well, with 42% of all chats being completed after live member services hours. Those statistics represent a grand total of more than 750 chats and calls that Pitzer and her team didn’t have to field, which allowed them to focus on helping employees with more complicated benefits issues—not to mention manage an ongoing pandemic.

Partnering for the Future

Looking forward, True Manufacturing is excited to activate the text push notifications from the Benefitsolver system for the upcoming year to help them reach even more employees about upcoming events like biometric screenings, 401(k) sign ups and flu-shot clinics.

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