Transitioning with Empathy: Post-Employment Benefits Options



For many employers, furloughs and layoffs are an unfortunate reality, especially in this economy.


It’s the hardest conversation for any HR professional to have. And today, it’s even more difficult as departing employees have valid concerns about the future of their healthcare coverage.

Hardest hit are younger, lower-wage workers without the financial resources to continue coverage with COBRA. Having an employer who is empathetic enough to help separated employees find alternatives to COBRA coverage can make all the difference.

It helps them. It helps their covered dependents. And, it helps the employer’s reputation—an especially important part of attracting boomerang employees.

If you find yourself in the position of laying off or furloughing employees, check out this short reference to learn about a variety of cost-effective COBRA alternatives, including:

  • ACA individual coverage via or a state marketplace
  • Individual coverage through a private marketplace or exchange offered by your COBRA vendor
  • Short-term limited duration plans