Grocery Chain Focuses on Associate Engagement


Benefits administration platform supports superior customer service, brand loyalty and optimal retention rates.

As all retailers know, the higher the level of employee engagement, the more positive the customer experience. And when it comes to grocers, highly engaged associates have a bigger impact than just providing great customer service; they create the kind of brand loyalty that keeps customers coming in their doors again and again. For decades, in fact.

With more than eighty years of experience in the grocery retail sector, this Businessolver® client aims to deliver a program that’s competitive, and that drives associate engagement while offering a good value. Robust financial incentives are offered for healthy lifestyle choices, resulting in employee engagement levels above 70%.

Company Snapshot

  • Grocery chain with 250+ stores in eight states
  • Approximately 33,000 full- and part-time associates
  • Over 80 years in business


The company’s benefits manager describes their associates as having “a good deal of skin in the game” when it comes to their benefits. Because the company offers a full suite of both core and voluntary options, along with a comprehensive wellness program, getting people the information and tools they need to understand and use their benefits is key. So is innovation. The company actively seeks ways to engage and inspire their associates not only to encourage great customer service, but also to minimize the high turnover rates that are so common in retail settings. And, it requires its vendors to do the same. They needed a benefits technology partner that had the capability and appetite for continuous improvement, along with proven expertise.


The year this retailer started working with Businessolver, their goal was to reduce turnover from 68% to 50%. A big part of this initiative was an increased focus on employee engagement. Within nine months of using the Businessolver platform to enhance their communications efforts, the client made significant headway, reducing their turnover rate to 62%.

In choosing a new benefits solution, communications functionality was the deciding factor. With a distributed retail workforce, the client needed a strong centralized platform that could serve as a hub for all benefits information and activity. With the flexible and powerful Benefitsolver® platform in place, the company can customize digital communications using media and easy-to-use text widgets. They also leverage the platform’s functionality of generating mass emails to associates. These digital outreach efforts are supported by in-store communications boards.

As part of their customized solution, Benefitsolver now serves as the employer’s total HR communications hub, as payroll information is delivered through the platform to drive associates to a single system.

Key Takeaways

When associates are also consumers, leveraging an easy-to-use platform helps them choose and use their benefits wisely. Flexibility is key. Benefits technology that is scalable and can expand as programs change and options are added allows for customizing the solution to meet specific goals and needs. Matching the communication and engagement techniques to the population drives results. Mixing media—online, digital and print—helps ensure everyone gets important messages.

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