Healthcare System Gets Better Outcomes with Improved Benefits Delivery


Healthcare system gets better outcomes with improved benefits delivery.

With its insourced platform, this benefits team suffered from some debilitating symptoms including system workarounds, manual processes and a poor end-user experience. Moving to a different technology and service solution was curative. 

Company Snapshot

  • Regional hospital and physician network in Pennsylvania
  • Offers leading-edge, compassionate healthcare and wellness services to a population of 2.5 million people
  • More than 11k team members; 7,500 benefits eligible


The benefits team fielded fewer questions and had less “noise” during enrollment. With the improved dependent verification process, staff was freed up from managing the back-and-forth with employees, directing them to Businessolver instead. As they managed other downstream tasks associated with the acquisition, this additional time enables the benefits team to focus on more strategic work, including payroll consolidation and potential benefits harmonization. 

The benefits team can still see employee questions, issues and resolutions with Sofia as part of the administrator interface and reporting, and they “love that they can hear the recorded calls” if necessary. 

Savings have not only accrued from freed-up capacity, implementing a closed-loop payroll approach has translated into cost savings for
the organization as well. This wasn’t something they did previously, but the suggestion came out of the best practice discussions
during implementation. 

“The Businessolver team brings a best-practice perspective to our relationship. They know the right questions to ask even when we didn’t know what we needed,” according to the benefits manager. “That’s helped us a lot.”


This regional healthcare system had previously outsourced its benefits administration but had moved this function internally with a purchased system. The benefits team faced some challenges with the platform, and healthcare plans were difficult to build within it, but they were making
it work. 

It was more difficult for team members who couldn’t access the system remotely and had to enroll at temporary onsite computer labs, which required the benefits team to provide live help. Even with a passive enrollment, employees had to go through the entire process to make any changes or update their FSA. Employee feedback was poor and people found the system confusing. 

The benefits team was also managing interactions with employees, including gathering and tracking documentation for dependent verification, which took up a lot of their time.


When the healthcare system acquired five hospitals already on the BenefitsolverSM platform, they decided to test market the solution before making a final decision whether to move everyone to their existing, insourced solution. In what they describe as the “longest live demo ever,” the organization maintained the existing solutions for both parts of the organization before deciding to move all employees to Benefitsolver.

The benefits team had previous experience with outsourcing, and they sailed through the setup with support from their service team. “They kept us on task and on point,” says the system’s benefits manager. “At times it felt like they knew us better than we knew ourselves. We’ve had zero issues.”

The new solution includes enhanced functionality, access and support for employees and the benefits team including: 

  • SofiaSM, Businessolver’s AI-enabled online personal benefits assistant backed by a state-of-the-market member
    service team
  • The ability for employees to access the system remotely and
    by mobile device
  • A platform-enabled dependent verification process that makes
    it easy for employees to provide documentation

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