Overcoming “reservations” about outsourcing team member support


Overcoming “reservations” about outsourcing team member support

After some corporate changes, this hospitality giant needed a new solution to provide benefits service to its team members. 

Company Snapshot

  • International hospitality company operating more than 9,000 hotels
  • Previously co-sourced benefits delivery using internal service center and Benefitsolver® platform
  • Over 10,000 US team members


When this hospitality giant made some significant organizational changes and became two companies, one of the new entities needed to find a solution for benefits administration. That’s because the internal HR service center that had previously supported all the legacy company’s team members using the Benefitsolver platform, remained with the other company. The benefits team was faced with some important decisions about how to ensure team members continued to get the same level of service they had previously enjoyed. 

Transitioning from co-sourcing to full outsourcing, where team members are serviced by the employees of another company, can be stressful. Organizations may worry that a third party won’t be able to capture their culture, understand their employees’ perspective or successfully navigate proprietary systems or complex benefits programs. This employer shared these common concerns.  


Since they were already familiar with and confident about the functionality of the Benefitsolver platform, the benefits team moved forward with discussions with Businessolver® about taking on the service for its US team members. As part of the fact-finding, both teams traveled to the internal service center and rolled up their sleeves on a joint assessment and catalog of all processes. “We really did a deep dive around what the transition would look like to make sure everything was clear and documented,” says the Senior Director, Benefits. 

Once all the elements of service were agreed to, both teams worked toward getting the Businessolver member advocates knowledgeable about the new company’s benefits and culture. The team met the Businessolver member services advocates and personally delivered culture training. 

The transition was a true collaboration, and the Senior Director credits teamwork with the success of the move. Her best-practice recommendations for other organizations considering the move to full outsourcing include: 

  • Stay aligned and in contact. When service first goes live, meet frequently—for example, every week for the first month. This ensure any issues are surfaced and corrections made quickly. 
  • Participate in training. Help member advocates to be an extension of your organization by delivering culture training and don’t forget the details, such as what you call your employees. This helps ensure your people feel like they’re speaking to a co-worker. 
  • Expect to stay involved. Just because service is outsourced, it doesn’t mean you’re washing your hands of service delivery. You’ll still be involved, but in a different, more strategic way. 


Businessolver took over service for the new company seamlessly, following best practices for transition and leveraging the strong partnership between the two teams. The high level of participation of the client team empowered the member advocates in their interactions with the company’s team members. “Businessolver does a great job servicing our team members. Everything went better than we expected,” according to the Manager, Benefits. 

"We were concerned about a someone else being able to deliver the same level of service to our team members, but the Businessolver reps really act like an extension of our team.

Working together as a team is so important in these types of transitions. You have to be committed to success and committed to communication."

—Senior Director, Benefits

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