Professional services company improves direct billing


Improving the Direct Bill Process.

Businessolver®’s rules-based system and refined processes simplify the management of direct billing. Take into consideration the process Businessolver has implemented for a professional services company:
Company Snapshot
  • 4,800 employees
  • 80+ locations
  • On average, 40-50 members being direct billed at any given time
  • 245 members have utilized direct billing


  • Developed streamlined direct bill process for the client that applies a specific grace period, notification period and termination process
  • Developed Benefit Access Rules to provide automated parameters within the enrollment system
  • System set up to pend employee direct bill changes for administrator review and approval


Administrators have gained control over the direct billing process due to automation within the system and refined processes. What was a major pain point for HR has turned into a standardized process free of surprises.

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