Data enables shipping logistics company to focus on benefits strategy


This shipping logistics company knew that the proper reporting tools and digestible data could take their benefits strategy to the next level.

Learn how their partnership with Businessolver enhanced their approach.

The Client’s Challenge
  • Reports from previous vendor had to be requested and took 24 hours to run
  • Unable to apply a reporting strategy
  • Only PDF forms were available for some reports
  • Too much unreadable data
Story Highlights

Our full suite of reporting tools improved this company’s efficiencies as well as their benefit strategy. They were able to use our real time, easily accessible reporting tools and our visual analytics to develop a comprehensive strategy and take a load off of their admins.

  • HR team enhanced its benefits strategy using information in their new reporting and analytics system
  • Data is accessible 24/7 and real time
  • Analytical tools are visually appealing and easily digestible