Defense contractor supports deployed, dispersed workforce


We take a lot for granted — cell phone service, GPS etc.

Priorities shift, however, if you're on assignment in a war-torn foreign nation, based in a remote telemetry services station or conducting research in Antarctica. 

To ensure its employees could get the support they need, global contractor PAE joined forces with Businessolver to streamline benefits administration and improve employee experience. 

The Client’s Challenges
  • Lack of consistency in benefits communication strategy
  • Global company
  • Too much complexity
Story Highlights

PAE appreciated the power and ease of using our single-source benefits administration platform, Benefitsolver. But the partnership with Businessolver also allowed them to accomplish even more than they had expected, including:

  • Maximized flexibility during a big acquisition
  • Building six new benefits packages in less than 30 days  
  • Rebuilding a last-minute change on supplemental life for union employees
  • A new quality assurance process to meet a collective bargaining agreement

Ready to learn more about PAE’s challenges and how Businessolver delivered on our promises? Download our case study!