No More Hide and Seek


No More Hide and Seek

Waste Pro gains efficiencies and expands capacity by partnering with Businessolver®.  

As a learning organization, Waste Pro is constantly evaluating and improving the services they provide, including their operations and processes. According to their website, “We create a climate of knowledge in which our employees devise, research and implement innovative solutions to continuously tailor our services to the needs of our customers and communities.”

Their passion for continuous improvement also extends to their HR team. It must. Based in Longwood, FL, Waste Pro has grown from a one-truck operation in 2001 to the ninth largest privately held solid waste hauler in North America. 

With growth like this, Waste Pro’s HR team needed a partner to increase efficiency through the same kind of innovation and customer-centric services they deliver every day.

Company Snapshot

  • Disposal and recycling services provider with 75 locations in nine states in the Southeastern US. 

  • Steady growth for the last 20 years.

  • Nearly 3,800 employees, 80% of whom work on the road.


For Director of Payroll Judi Craigo and Benefits Specialist Sherri Collier, their day-to-day benefits administration was like a game of hide and seek. 

“Activities were trackable, but the information wasn’t accessible to all our administrators,” Judi said of their previous benefits technology. “I’d have to go here, there and everywhere to find the information. Our HR team is very hands-on when it comes to enrollment, benefits and answering questions, so we would have to send each other screenshots to share what was done, when it was done, etc.”

In an industry so focused on operational efficiencies, neither Judi nor Sherri wanted to spend their time tracking down documents, confirming whether the right member communication was sent or filtering through emails to address member inquiries. Those activities, while important, were taking valuable time away from their work as HR strategists—a vital role in their growing organization.


With limited access to the information the HR team needed to do their job efficiently, Judi noticed a theme in the roadblocks they were experiencing—communication. “Like many challenges in HR, it takes time for the root of a problem to become clear,” she recalled. “As patterns began to emerge, we identified several opportunities for improvements, many of which could be chalked up to gaps in communication.”

When it came time for the team to issue a request for proposal, they made sure to learn as much as they could about each candidate’s commitment to transparency, security measures and their platform’s technological attributes that facilitated efficient communication among team members, employees and other stakeholders. 

With the support of Shannon Early, VP of Human Resources, their RFP process eventually led to Businessolver and their benefits technology, Benefitsolver®. Topping the list of their favorite tools and functionalities for increasing efficiency were Case Manager, Action ManagerSM and Document Center. 

Case Manager: As part of Businessolver’s dedication to transparency, the Benefitsolver platform includes a feature that stores all the details regarding member inquiries and issues (i.e., “cases”) in one convenient place: Case Manager. It even automatically records and stores all calls to the Member Services Team. 

“I’ve only had to listen to recorded calls once or twice, because I’m able to see all the information I need in the case itself,” Sherri Collier said. “That has proven to be extremely helpful in determining the accuracy of what an employee is communicating or if information may have been relayed differently than expected.”

“I’m not having to go here, there and everywhere to find the information,” Judi added. “Everything is right there in Case Manager, and I really like that.”

Action Manager: Another feature of the Benefitsolver platform that enhances employee communication at Waste Pro is Action Manager. With 80% of their employees spending most of their day on the road, the Waste Pro HR team needed a way to provide the right information in the right place at the right time. “Being able to have accurate and timely information that goes out to the employees through Action Manager, whether through email, text messages or the MyChoiceTM Mobile App, is definitely an important part of the puzzle,” Judi said. 

Document Center: This Benefitsolver feature helps Solvers, clients and other business associates access files with protected health information and personally identifiable information, such as ACA reports, plan information and payroll schedules. “The days of incessantly searching emails to find all the pieces and components of who sent what to whom, which version we’re working on, etc., are 99% behind us,” Judi said. “We can now house everything in Document Center, and that’s a big, big win to have a repository where we can keep everything, especially after annual enrollment.”

“It’s been really handy when there have been some discrepancies with carrier rates,” Sherri added. “It’s helpful to see what was actually uploaded to Document Center as approved information.” 

Results and the Benefits of Outsourcing

Since partnering with Businessolver, the Waste Pro HR team has enjoyed increased capacity to concentrate on more strategic initiatives. “I think HR leaders should consider how much time they’re spending doing X, Y and Z,” Judi advised. “Is it COBRA administration? Is it direct bill for a leave of absence? Is it medical support notices? All those things are worth their weight in gold if someone can handle the processes for you.”

Because so many administrative tasks are handled by Businessolver, Judi said her team has now “upgraded their experience.” Citing Sherri’s shift from directly managing administrative processes to overseeing Businessolver’s work, Judi says the team could focus their attention on more strategic initiatives, such as implementing a new performance management and compensation platform. “Since partnering with Businessolver, I’ve been able to devote time to other projects because I’m not chasing my list of things to do,” she said. 

Now that Sherri isn’t directly involved in so many time-consuming administrative tasks, she’s focusing on building a better employee benefits experience. “I’m making use of Action Manager to really ramp up our employee communications,” she said. “And, I’ve been working with Layout Manager (Benefitsolver’s drag-and-drop web interface) so our employees have the most up-to-date information in a look and feel that’s easy for them.”

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