Prestige retailer sees the beauty in a flexible solution


With three distinct types of employees, this company leverages a technology-enabled approach to meet people’s diverse needs.  

As a leader in beauty and personal care, this company offers customers access to a differentiated shopping experience supported by knowledgeable, vibrant staff. Its locations around the world draw millions of people each year. 

Company Snapshot

  • World leader in prestige beauty retailer
  • 2,500 stores in 32 countries
  • 12k benefits-eligible employees in the US


With a workforce dispersed across the country among retail locations, distribution centers and its corporate headquarters, the company has three distinctly different types of employees that it’s committed to offering a high level of support. 

Retail workers tend to be young, female mobile users who don’t hold 9-to-5 positions. Those working in distribution centers are a little older and don’t have as much access to or comfort with technology. Corporate team members tend to work business hours and may be using a computer all or part of the day. While all part of the same overall team, each of these groups has different needs for benefits delivery and communication. 


As an employer, this company recognizes and embraces the differences and unique needs of its diverse employees. To address the various groups, the company leverages the functionality within the Benefitsolver® platform. 

  • For retail employees, all interaction is electronic with a focus on promoting the use of apps including the MyChoiceTM Mobile App for enrollment and benefits management. Benefits communications mimic the company’s iconic brand and include shortcuts such as QR codes to support employees’ on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Distribution center employees get a higher-touch approach, as HR and benefits team members travel to locations for in-person meetings and enrollment support using Benefitsolver. 
  • Corporate employees receive system-generated communications with a focus on the online benefits administration site. There are weekly benefits emails and important information is shown on-site via electronic displays.

The MyChoiceTM Recommendation Engine, Businessolver’s platform-integrated decision resource, helps guide all employees to their best benefits decision. Because each group has slightly different benefits, the company takes advantage of the customization available with the tool to make it relevant for each group. 


Using the flexibility of the Benefitsolver platform and solution, this employer successfully supports three very different employee groups with varying benefits and needs. The core system is configured to display employee-specific options and resources, and it offers access points that enable employees to interact with their benefits the way they want to—via mobile app, online or through member services. The MyChoice Recommendation Engine offers the flexibility to help employees with decision-making while supporting organizational goals. 

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