Hospital improves access, employee service


Whoa, Baby! A Benefits Bundle of Joy.

Businessolver helped streamline benefits administration and communication to deliver delight so an Atlanta hospital could stay focused on delivering babies.

When you’re responsible for bringing new life into the world, doing so takes top priority—as it should! Such is the case for an Atlanta-based hospital that delivers more than 2,000 newborns annually. That’s why we were honored to partner with the organization to streamline its benefits administration and bring as much delight to its employees as they bring to patients and families.

Company Snapshot
  • Top 10 hospital in Georgia 
  • 15,000+ employees, caring for 2.5 million patients each year
  • Popular among moms-to-be in Atlanta, delivering more babies each year than any community hospital in the nation


The hospital’s benefits manager leveraged the capabilities and infrastructure within the Benefitsolver platform to build out a comprehensive benefits portal, where every piece of benefits information now lives—featuring: 

  • Multimedia functionality
  • Targeted communication for specific employee audiences
  • A “managers corner” to keep that key group up to date on the latest benefits messages
  • Single-sign-on for all benefits vendor partners, including Businessolver, with consistent hospital branding 

And the piece de resistance? An all digital–and interactive– benefits guide to replace the paper one. 


  • 2 million page hits in one year and 800+ daily logins

  • 13,000+ unique annual users (up from 2,000)

  • 50% reduction in calls/emails to benefits team

  • 85% annual enrollment (even with passive enrollment)

    “People think they understand their benefits, but the reality is that it’s a difficult and overwhelming topic for employees,” the benefits manager says. “They’ll call and we’ll say, ‘Did you look it up on the portal?’ It helps drive a change in behavior to employees being more empowered.”


“We have 15,000 employees, but fewer than 300 managers,” the hospital’s benefits manager explains. “Being so lean at the top made getting benefits messages down to the employee level a challenge on a consistent basis.”

The benefits manager also wanted to stop printing the hospital’s annual benefits guide, which made just-in-time employee communication difficult and didn’t alleviate calls to her team from employees in search of benefit information that was unique to their needs.

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