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Annual Enrollment 2022 by the Numbers

Annual Enrollment 2022 by the Numbers

During the 2022 Annual Enrollment season, our personal benefits assistant, SofiaSM, saved members millions of minutes in wait times as she handled more than 850,000 chats and calls from October to December.

Sofia at Work

Chat Resolution

Members are getting answers in real time—with no wait time. Sofia is resolving even more chats this year with a 49% increase in chat volume.

The After-Hours Assist

With Sofia pulling the night shift and weekend duty, members get help exactly when they need it.

Working for You

Having Sofia on the front line tackling members’ simpler questions freed up our live reps to answer the tough stuff.

MVP of Your Benefits Team

Generationally Speaking

Sofia helps our enrollees across the generational board.

Jokes Are Free

Need a quick breather? Sofia can lighten the mood with a joke!

Sofia Jokes

Speaking of Time

No waiting with Sofia. Members get their questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Speaking of Time

Clear it up

Benefits terms can be confusing. Sofia provides answers to questions and a few prompts for more information. This AE, her most-asked-about topic was health savings accounts (HSAs).

On the phone

Always Learning

Sofia’s knowledge base increased by 86% and she received some upgrades on her autonomous learning process, helping accelerate her “education” without direct human intervention.

Sofia has upskilled her ability to provide more client-specific information this year—even plans that are outside of Benefitsolver®, providing a more holistic benefits experience.

Sofia learns based on employee insights. What are the hottest benefits topics? Our UX team and linguist study HOW questions are asked and WHAT questions are generating the most buzz to make sure Sofia is brushing up on the right lingo.  Are people asking about “retirement” or “claims?” We make sure Sofia can help with the questions that members ask.

Top Topics

Sofia began sending quarterly reports to all clients in 2021, giving them specific insights into the questions their employees are asking.

Top topics:

  • Coverage questions – What is my current medical plan, what plans did I enroll in?
  • Plan compare – How do I compare my plans?
  • Enrollment window – When is annual enrollment?
  • Dependent coverage inquiry – What dependents are covered on my plans?
  • ID card – When will I receive

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