Billing & Financial Reporting

Simplify carrier billing with consolidated reporting tools

Benefitsolver’s billing and financial reporting tools deliver accurate, consolidated carrier billing to support both self- and list-bills.

Gain confidence knowing you’ll pay exactly what you owe

Let’s get technical for a second. Businessolver simplifies billing and reconciliation by generating consolidated, reconciled premium bills based on carrier wash rules (including plan eligibility and billing rules such as wash rules, cut-off dates and retroactive limits). Bills are generated across all lines of coverage and across all divisions and member groups, allowing you to track premiums at the carrier, group/location, organization, and member levels. The result: a trustworthy and streamlined process that solves your billing challenges and saves your organization time and money.

Our billing processes are second to none

Automated tools

Benefitsolver automatically accounts for each change in the system, adjusting the monthly invoices automatically to meet each carrier’s specific billing and wash rules.

Eliminate errors

Consistent, automated application of rules ensure bills accurately reflect the benefits elected across your entire eligible population.

Full transparency

Benefitsolver’s billing tools offer full transparency into benefits dollars, providing auto-reconciled bills backed by detailed, employee (or member)-level data you can easily see.

Decrease risk

Especially valuable to our pooled/multi-employer clients, our comprehensive, consolidated billing and financial reporting tools strengthen accounting processes and lower fiduciary risk.

One System

One system with no file exchanges needed. Bills generate from the same system as your enrollment and eligibility data creating automatically reconciled bills and leading to streamlined access and processes.

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