GuideSpark – Video Engagement

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Odds are, more than half of your current workforce are visual learners – they understand difficult concepts and complicated terminology when it is provided to them in a compelling, visual format. That’s why we have partnered with GuideSpark. They have mastered the art of creating educational and effective video tools that seamlessly integrate within Benefitsolver. GuideSpark isn’t limited to just providing a textbook answer to what a certain medical plan is – it also helps employees make the best benefit elections for their situation and informs them how to use their benefits successfully.


  • Content that provides valuable information at a time employees need it
  • Works directly with you to develop custom content that addresses your specific needs & meets the culture/style of your brand
  • Offers content packages that span the entire HR gamut – from financial wellness to HR policies
  • A full suite of videos is also available on GuideSpark for consumption at anytime