Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook – Transparency Solution/Provider Rating

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Are your employees overpaying for their healthcare services? Prices for healthcare procedures can vary by 500 percent or more – even within the same network! Let Businessolver turn your employees into smart shoppers. With Healthcare Bluebook’s transparency solution and provider rating tool built into Benefitsolver, we make it easy for your employees to find the best providers at the best price, saving on out-of-pocket costs. This partnership makes shopping for healthcare services simple and straightforward.


  • Cost Transparency - Make it easy for employees to discover the fair price for medical procedures and find the nearest healthcare providers that offer those fair prices — all in just a few clicks.
  • Quality Transparency – Discover which hospitals are ranked nationally by procedure to show employees the top and bottom performing hospitals in their local market.
  • Track Outcomes – Track improvements through procedure-specific reporting, which allows you to see where your employees are receiving care — and precisely how their healthcare decisions impact overall savings.
  • Smart Analytics - Determine exactly how cost and quality variance affects your health plan performance — and impacts employees' costs — so you can identify the best way to create savings for your organization.