Transamerica – Retirement Solutions

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Here at Businessolver, we believe in a one wallet approach. What does that mean? It means your employees have one wallet and one budget for their benefit needs. Their wealth and health are not separate decisions but rather a part of a total benefits package. That’s why we have partnered with Transamerica to bring retirement solutions into Benefitsolver. With Transamerica, employees can make their retirement account elections at the same time they are electing all of their other important benefits, making it easier to understand their total cost and what their employer is contributing to their total rewards. This real-time connection, allows for employees to easily access and view their retirement account elections. They can see the progress they are making in their retirement savings from the home page in Benefitsolver while realizing the contributions their employer is making to their financial, physical and emotional well-being.


  • Elect retirement plans directly in Benefitsolver
  • Easily view employer contributions and what is required to maximize the benefit
  • Options for pre- and post- tax contributions as well as annual auto increases
  • API connection on employee’s home page makes it easy to manage their investment and see their current balance
  • One payroll file to ensure a single source of truth