Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software – All-In-One HR Solution

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Businessolver has partnered with Ultimate Software to provide you with an integrated, comprehensive HR solution. Through our advanced integration, we provide a robust solution for your HR and benefits administration, combined with personal service and support. Working together helps us be better, faster, stronger and most importantly, keeps your data even more secure. We don’t want to just be another provider, we want to be an extension of your HR team. Businessolver will effortlessly and proudly manage your benefits administration while Ultimate Software takes care of the rest!


  • Updates to your census and payroll files is completed in near real-time and do not require the export and import of data between systems.
  • Data transmission works on a seamless batch process.
  • No need for tricky setup, configuration, and bulky census files. Changes are streamlined directly into the Benefitsolver system.
  • A secure channel between Benefitsolver and Ulti-Pro reduces the risk associated with transferring files and protects your employee’s data.