Total Rewards

Driving understanding of your full compensation package

A big picture view helps employees succeed

Total Rewards is more than just a buzzword

You spend a lot of time sourcing and selecting benefits and perks to support your employees. And we know that 78% of workers1 will remain with their employer because of the benefits they offer… but what if your employees don’t really KNOW what you offer and worse, don’t take the steps to take advantage of the offerings? Create a personalized view to bring the data—and the rewards—to life for your employees.

Right Benefits, Right Place, Right Time

When employees need benefits details, the last thing they should have to do is comb through four websites, a stack of mail and their inbox. Putting everything ‘benefits’ in one hub and giving them the tools to maximize the value is paramount to your total rewards success. Imagine that employees can see their 401(k) in action, capitalize on their parking perk, view their HSA or FSA savings and activate their tuition benefit…all with one login!

1WTW Employer/Employee Satisfaction Survey, 2018

Demonstrate your value with dynamic dashboards and reports


Reveal the true employer contributions to the employee’s total benefit package. Bring awareness to benefits an employee may not have even realized they had.


Help employees see their value to you as their employer through their compensation. When brought forward with their benefits and other total rewards programs, they will have a more defined picture of what that compensation truly means.

Financial Security

Reveal how their wealth has accumulated over the years. Prove that insurance benefits are more than just the premium by displaying the survivor income available.


Help employees view their retirement savings in a meaningful and impactful display. Give credence to the equity you are backing through stock options.


­­Whatever you offer—whether it’s savings programs, wellness incentives or vehicle perks, we can configure your Total Rewards dashboards for your population.

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