MyChoiceTM Accounts

Delivering a next-level consumer experience

Employees, as consumers of healthcare, are demanding more resources, tools and self-service applications to better manage their health and financial well-being. Businessolver’s revolutionary technology within the Benefitsolver® platform enables employees to manage all of their benefits, including their spending and savings accounts, in one-system and one-app

Today’s healthcare consumer is different

MyChoice Accounts was built in house, to ensure employees could manage all of their consumer accounts, including HSA, FSA, Commuter, fitness reimbursements and more, in one place, alongside their other benefit programs. Fully integrated in Benefitsolver and the MyChoice™ Mobile App, employees can submit claims, check balances, view employer contributions and much more. Additionally, with just one debit card for all of their account needs and purchases, we are able to create the ultimate consumer experience.

Putting the focus on health and wealth

We’ve long been believers in ‘one wallet’, understanding that your employees have one paycheck to manage all of their health and wealth needs. This truly robust solution means employees can view all of their benefit needs for today and tomorrow in one place, with control over how their dollars are spent.

They will have continued access to the MyChoice™ Recommendation Engine and Businessolver’s AI-powered personal benefits assistant, Sofia℠, ensuring they have the information and guidance they need to make informed choices and continually engage with their benefits in one place throughout the year.  Additionally, AI-enabled optical character recognition means manually-submitted claims are processed in real-time, ensuring employees have access to their funds when they need it.

What MyChoice Accounts means for you

Engaged workforce

Educated employees who make better health care saving and purchasing decisions

Less headaches

No more hassles from HSA openings, with instantaneous CIP processing

Better processes

A streamlined enrollment and payroll deduction process


A bank-like experience with simplified funding and reconciliation through automated data exchange

Trusted security

Improved data security as all data remains within the Benefitsolver platform

Fully integrated

Less time spent managing multiple systems, from data reporting and compliance to account administration

What MyChoice Accounts means for your employees

Get Engaged

Personalized system reminders to optimize account balances


One multi-purse spending account card allows for employees to swipe for their purchase, and the system will automatically deduct from the applicable account

One system

All account details in Benefitsolver, including real-time balance information

AI enabled

Support from Sofia, our personal benefits assistant, to understand and manage their account options

Faster processing

One-click submission, and optical character recognition, means swift reimbursement

One app

Manage and upload claims through the MyChoice Mobile App, or use the eligibility scanner to determine if their purchase is FSA/HSA eligible

Built with Flexibility to Grow

The bread and butter. Our platform is built to manage account programs of all complexities. From HSA and FSA to HRA and Commuter accounts, we are here to support your employees in their tax-free benefits, with fewer errors, fewer hassles, and more individual ownership, helping employees stay in control of their healthcare dollars.

Offer a fitness or wellness reimbursement? What about tuition assistance or adoption reimbursement? We have you covered! Our flexible system and architecture means we are here to help you provide these much-coveted benefits that ultimately equate to a happier and healthier lifestyle for your employees.

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