MyChoice® Find a Provider

Transparency tools save time and money 

MyChoice Find a Provider is part of the Personalized Navigation suite of solutions that drive down employer costs and increase employee utilization and understanding of benefits.

Simple Provider Guidance

As we gaze into our crystal ball of the benefits world, it is hard to tell exactly what the next few years will bring. However, we can look to the rising cost of premiums to see where there might be an opportunity to create impact. The average family premium is up 55% since 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation 2020 Employer Health Benefits Survey, and the employer and employee share of that cost continues to rise as well. With no end in sight to the continued escalation of coverage costs, employers need to create sustainable cost containment strategies on every front of their benefits package. 

Solving for Transparency, Cost, and Quality

Enter MyChoice Find a Provider. With this service, your employees can confidently find in-network providers who are accepting new patients, understand their out-of-pocket cost for the service based on their insurance and deductible/balance, and compare those costs to other providers to help them make the best choice for their situation. 

What MyChoice Find a Provider means for employers

Compliant transparency tool

Our tool provides a consolidated, simple way to access more than just information, providing quality ratings and actionable guidance to decrease costs. Complies with the Transparency in Coverage rule requirement for an internet-based price comparison tool. 

Reduced health care costs and improved care quality

Reducing out-of-network claims and cost at point-of-care. 

Increased benefits engagement

Training employees to come to the benefits portal or mobile app to save money is a great motivator and re-engages them with their benefits options. 

Simplified employee experience

Employees have easy access to the service via the portal, mobile, or personal benefits assistant, Sofia.

What MyChoice Find a Provider means for your employees

Out-of-pocket cost savings

MyChoice Find a Provider helps your employees make better decisions that save them money. 

Quick, convenient access to in-network care

Through omni-channel tools such as AI and a mobile app, employees have access to this solution on the go.  

Quality care comparison

 A summarized quality score that’s easy to understand. 

Accessible anywhere

A flexible experience that can find your employees the service they need, wherever they are.

44% of employees would “feel panicked” about a large ER bill. Employees need guidance and the knowledge that they can SHOP their provider and costs to best match their health care and financial needs. 


Cost savings

The MyChoice Find a Provider solution includes insurance usage and coverage that provides cost estimates based on plan designs and accumulators. In addition, the cost match ratings compare service costs across providers and for specific procedures.

Easy booking

MyChoice Find a Provider’s Smart Match service suggests providers who are in-network and accepting new patients. And with online appointment booking, MyChoice Find a Provider service has the capability to complete appointment booking within the portal or mobile app. Powered by our partner Amino, their Smart Match technology highlights providers and facilities that are in-network, highly experienced, safe, and cost-effective. Moreover, clients who use Amino-powered technology see about a 50% utilization rate among their eligible employees. 

High quality results

Businessolver’s partner Amino, delivers +200 quality measures for providers, including experience, care, and prevention indicators. Combining claims data with quality measure sets from Leapfrog, the National Quality Forum (NQF), and other industry leaders, your employees are ensured the best in results with providers who make a difference. 

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