Retiree Services

Providing peace-of-mind for your retiree population

Retiree Services

Your retirees leave behind a legacy of hard work, dedication, and breadth of knowledge that will not easily be replaced. It’s important to take care of these individuals as they prepare for their new adventures and hopefully, some well-deserved R&R. With Businessolver’s Retiree Services, we help you manage their offboarding experience and ensure their health and well-being are taken care of as they enter a new chapter.

What our retiree services mean for you

  • Understand your retirees’ benefit elections BEFORE they retire.
  • Our flexible, rules-based configuration means we can handle a wide variety of eligibilities, salary bands, and more when determining rates.
  • The opportunity to engage with your retiree population through Benefitsolver®’s robust communication suite.
  • Using our Direct Bill services, we handle payment so you don’t have to.

What our retiree services mean for your employees

  • Enter their intent to retire date, and choose their benefit elections BEFORE they turn in their badge, ensuring they have no lapse in coverage.
  • Return to Benefitsolver to review their benefits information or access the MyChoice Mobile App and have their benefits info on the go.
  • Our Direct Bill services make it easy to provide payment and ensure coverage continues.

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