MyChoiceSM Market

Connecting you to your alumni network through a robust offboarding solution

“I resign.”

When it comes to a company’s top-performing, most-valued employees, those are two words no manager or HR professional wants to hear.

Millennials have ushered in a new concept known as boomerang employment – employees returning to a former company. The latest stats show that 15% of employees have “boomeranged” to a former company and 40% would consider doing so. Maintaining engagement and connection with departing employees through a deliberate offboarding strategy has never been simpler.

Enter MyChoice℠ Market, an innovative offboarding solution that offers your former employees, from Millennials to retirees, a seamless benefits transition and ensures consistent coverage for their benefit needs.

What the MyChoiceSM Market Means For You

  • Establish a positive offboarding experience that will turn former employees into brand ambassadors, who may even decide to one day bounce back to your organization
  • Stay engaged with your alumni network through Benefitsolver®’s robust communication tools
  • Provide your employee alumni with more options and an affordable alternative to COBRA thanks to MyChoice Market’s suite of low-cost, limited medical plans that meet ACA guidelines for minimum essential coverage

What the MyChoiceSM Market Means For Your Employees:

  • With just a few clicks on the Benefitsolver platform, departing employees are easily transitioned to MyChoice Market to elect, enroll, and set up payment for a range of benefits plan options
  • Delivers peace of mind to your alumni network by providing a seamless transition of their benefits as they start a new chapter in their life
  • Provides your employees with much needed coverages for a variety of lifestyles and situations including medical, vision, dental, legal and more
  • Allows your former employees the opportunity to stay engaged with your organization; keeping the door open to someday return

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