Offboarding Solutions

Delivering a red carpet offboarding experience when employees depart

Whether they are leaving for retirement or embarking on a new adventure, losing talent is difficult. Why not send them off with an offboarding experience that will leave a lasting impression?

Benefitsolver®’s offboarding solutions provide new ways to nurture your alumni network

Here are some facts:

  • 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day
  • Most young Millennials are averaging 1.3 years at any given organization
  • 46% of Millennials say they would return to a previous employer
  • 63% of HR professionals do not have an offboarding strategy in place.

These stats prove that maintaining engagement and a connection with departing employees through a deliberate employee offboarding strategy has never been more important. With Businessolver’s® offboarding solutions, your former employees, from Millennials to retirees, are provided a seamless benefits transition and ensured consistent coverage for their benefit needs.

Allow your former employees to return

Our offboarding solutions include MyChoiceSM Market, retiree services, and COBRA administration. These solutions allow your former employees to return to the Benefitsolver platform where you can continue to engage with them on the same platform where they enrolled in their new hire benefits.

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It's not goodbye, it's see you later


Stay engaged with your alumni network through Benefitsolver’s robust communication tools.


Deliver peace of mind to your alumni network by providing a seamless transition of their benefits as they start a new chapter in life.


We manage payment, billing and more so you don't have to.


Our automated, communication framework ensures your departed employees receive timely information on the benefits available to them.

Turn your former employees into your best brand ambassadors

MyChoice Market

With just a few clicks, departing employees can transition to the MyChoice Market and be connected to a variety of core and voluntary benefits to take with them when they leave.

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Retiree services

Our Retiree Services allow employees to elect their important retirement benefits before they retire, ensuring they have coverage in place for the adventures that come next.

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COBRA administration

With simple online enrollment, employees have access to COBRA coverage eliminating the hassle of paperwork and headaches.

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