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Transforming employee benefits from selection to activation 

Together, we can create better business outcomes with our Personalized Navigation solutions – Activation Paths, Claims-Based Personalization, and MyChoice® Find a Provider.
People are engaging differently. More than 70% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. But one thing that remains consistent is employees want organizations to better address their overall well-being. More than 90% of employees say organizations should do more to address the well-being of their employees. 

Increase benefits use... and drive down costs

Employers need to find cost-reduction levers that work on their behalf to increase employee understanding and use of benefits and programs that will ultimately drive down costs for both the employee and the employer. Personalized Navigation can help accomplish these goals through our three solutions–Activation Paths, Claims-Based Personalization, and MyChoice Find a Provider. At Businessolver®, we understand your employees want easy access on the go, that’s available to them whenever they need it most. We want to simplify how they navigate it all. 

What Personalized Navigation means for employers

Reduce overall employer medical spend

through accurate and efficient use of benefits and programs 

Increase retention and satisfaction

by improving your employees’ understanding of value-adding programs

Through better engagement,

 improve employee health and productivity

Add more value to compliance issues 

that work to your advantage, such as the new rule regarding Transparency in Coverage Final Rule.  

What Personalized Navigation means for your employees

Omni-channel tools 

and intelligent applications make engaging easier for your employees, ensuring a more accessible experience. 

Improved engagement

helps drive down employee’s medical spend and improve health outcomes 

Help is available

from selection to activation, ensuring your employees stay on top of deadlines and get the most out of their benefits and programs. 

Personalization ensures

the right message reaches the right individual, eliminating outside noise. 

MyChoice Find a Provider

Our MyChoice Find a Provider tool helps your workforce make informed health care decisions based on their condition, health care plan, and geography. And it all happens in Benefitsolver and the MyChoice Mobile App —a place they already interact with their benefits. 

Benefitsolver becomes a one-stop shop for care, where members can look up their coverage, find and compare providers, and evaluate costs to get on the road to health. 

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Activation Paths

Our activation paths solution provides multiple touchpoints for your employees, navigating them to your benefits programs through our benefits technology and mobile app, increasing the value of your benefits spend. It’s a great way for empathetic employers to support their employees while improving their bottom line. 

Use this solution to amplify point solutions and programs like EAP, telemedicine, care navigation, and specific health tools through right-timed messaging in multiple channels where they already manage the selection of their benefits

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Claims-Based Personalization

Using secure claims data behind a personal login, Benefitsolver® delivers compliant and personalized health care messaging and benefits selection through multiple tools within the system. 

Make your messaging count by ensuring that the message matches the member. Claims-based personalization takes into account the age, gender, and health care use history to deliver messages that matter when they’re needed, driving engagement into important programs and solutions that create happier and healthier employees. 

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Benefitsolver tools and technology partners work in an integrated, omni-channel approach to engage employees

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