MyChoice® Recommendation Engine

Educating your employees in better benefits decisions

Capitalize on the short time employees spend enrolling in Benefits by providing them key tools to educate and empower their decisions such as our MyChoice® Recommendation Engine.

The MyChoice® Recommendation Engine isn't your average benefits decision support tool

It's a benefits recommendation engine that is smart, comprehensive, and completely configurable. We understand employees are easily frustrated by the insurance-buying process. We know that the tools they’re getting today for decision support and benefits recommendations aren’t providing the help they really need. We built our MyChoice Recommendation Engine based on our core beliefs that people don’t want to shop for benefits, too much choice is too much, the buying process for coverage is irrational, and the need to consider more than just cost to make a meaningful recommendation.

Ensure that your employees are looking at the full package

Our MyChoice Recommendation Engine is able to factor in the financial, physical, and emotional side of the benefits selection process to create a personalized strategy that helps drive decision-making. Our goal is to ensure that your employees are looking at the full package of benefits they’re being offered by guiding them through a straightforward, engaging questionnaire with the opportunity to pull in historical utilization to provide a holistic, strategic recommendation. It has the power to help your employees think about the bigger picture by asking questions that they may not be asking themselves. Ultimately, we want to give your employees the confidence they need to make a decision that will truly fit their needs.

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What the MyChoice Recommendation Engine means for you

See trends

View recommendation and enrollment trends to help drive your benefits strategy.

Get insights

Receive useful insights into how employees are engaging with your benefits.

Cost savings

Potential cost savings knowing your employees are choosing the best plans for their needs.


Configure the questions to fit your benefits choices and plans.

What the MyChoice Recommendation Engine means for your employees.


A simple, easy-to-use process that provides a holistic, strategic recommendation.


Considers the employee’s whole person including their financial, physical, and emotional needs.

Reduce stress

Removes the frustration from selecting benefits by simplifying the process. Too much choice is too much.


Using historical utilization, employees can understand how previous medical usage can impact their future medical spend.

The MyChoice Recommendation Engine helps drive results

MyChoice Analytics are available to all clients who use the MyChoice Recommendation Engine, providing powerful insights into employee behavior. Using these insights, you are able to evaluate and build annual goals around your benefits for education, healthcare costs, plan design, and financial wellness.

We don't believe your employees have a separate budget for each of their benefits, but rather they all come from the same paycheck. Upon completing the MyChoice questionnaire, employees will receive a recommended bundle that shows a holistic view of their potential benefit package, and the transparent cost of what this will mean for their bottom line.

The MyChoice Recommendation uses a wide variety of data sources including national averages, electronic health data, eligibility data, demographics, consumer behavior stats, and more to create a powerful base. Combined with holistic questions that look at the whole person, your employees will get a recommendation they can trust.

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