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Delivering delight through service you can count on

Businessolver's® Member Advocates can answer your employee benefits questions and requests for assistance.

Businessolver®’s Service Center is much more than a benefits call center

When you partner with Businessolver, you not only get service that delights but, more importantly, an extension to your team. Based on our own belief in combining market-changing technology with intrinsic client responsiveness, you can trust Businessolver to put your processes and needs first.

Your company will have its own toll-free benefits call center number, with Businessolver Member Advocates answering the phone as trained members of your own benefits team. The partnership will be seamless and transparent to your employees, ensuring they receive best-in-class service and resolution.

Your employees are more than just a string of data

Businessolver mirrors your department’s unique goals and fulfills your wishes for having a bigger staff — without needing to hire anyone. Our benefits Service Center is dedicated to providing the real-time educational support employees need, especially as choices become more complicated. With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, companies need to partner with an employee benefits service experience they can count on.

Most importantly, our goal is to support employees in ways that are meaningful and authentic. Unlike the typical call center, we know that your employees are more than just a string of data in our system; they are real people.

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What the Service Center means for you

Transparent service

We believe that service should be transparent. That’s why we record every call and chat for benefits administrators to review.

Licensed advocates

An HR benefits administration platform is only as good as the service that supports it. That’s why we ensure our Member Advocates are Life and Health licensed with a wealth of benefit knowledge.

Case manager

Our proprietary case manager workflow tool means you have complete transparency into every interaction and the status of any outstanding requests or needs, while knowing that first call resolution is always our goal.

What the Service Center means for your employees

Member advocates

Your employees will receive personalized support from a team of Member Advocates that have been thoroughly trained on your unique business factors.

The right support

Right benefits in the right place at the right time. Service Center support includes phone, live chat, and our personal benefits assistant SofiaSM, ensuring your employees have multiple methods of receiving assistance.

Cultural alignment

Our Service Center focuses on cultural alignment so your employees will feel right at home when talking with one of our Member Advocates.

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