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We help your employer groups streamline their HR processes.

Benefitsolver’s genius is its amazing configurability. So, if you have multiple employer groups to set up, Benefitsolver was built to handle the complexity. Whether you’re a pooled group or association supporting employer groups or a strategic partner who wants to offer a white-labeled or configurable enrollment option, Benefitsolver is ready.

What’s in it for you?

We believe in the power of our technology and invest a lot into keeping it relevant and useful. However, the real “secret sauce” of partnering with Businessolver is the team who supports you. We have deep and long-lasting relationships with trusts and associations and partners who leverage our technology. Our focus on client delight doesn’t stop with our direct clients. We know that when you are successful, you’ll continue to let us serve you, your employers, and their members.

Transforming the benefits experience

Configurability. Security. Engagement. Time-savings. Cost-savings. These are all the things your employer groups need. Leveraging Benefitsolver as the technology behind your benefits and services will help you help them.

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Solutions to meet your challenges

Client delight

Our service and support model is here to meet your specific needs and ensure we are driving your strategies as a business or association forward.

Complex populations and variability

Our rules-based, flexible system supports the most complex benefits programs, allowing for easy enrollment based on the employee’s specific eligibility within their group or division.

One umbrella, multiple brands

Our system was built to be configurable to best match the brand you want to bring forward for each group, division or employer. This includes a branded website, employee messaging, and much more.

Reporting automation

Each group, division or employer can pull real-time, nuanced data reports online to show plan performance and engagement.