Client Delight

Transforming the client experience through delight and our commitment to you

Behind our technology is a team who supports you every step of the way and helps drive your benefits program to the next level.

Technology with heart

We know it might sound cliché but here at Businessolver we hold steadfast to the age-old principle of putting the client first. After all, you are the reason we are here. You trust us with incredibly important information that greatly impacts the daily lives of your employees. That’s why we created a team-based model that ensures someone always has your back and will always put you first. Your client team is committed to delivering your benefits strategy and providing the level of service you not only require, but deserve.

Delivering delight in all things we do

Client pulse

Every week, we ask you to input your client pulse. This ensures we know what we are doing right but, more importantly, where we may need to improve.

Client-centric team

You will have the same client team from implementation to ongoing maintenance. We don’t believe in passing you off from one team to the next. We know the importance of working together from the start and building confidence together.


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