Benefits information where and when your employees need it.

What's in it for you?

A complex and varied 24/7 workforce; attracting, educating, and keeping valuable employees; acquisitions and their downstream impact; premium reconciliation. These are just a few of the challenges you face.

We can help.

  • Rules-based, highly configurable platform powers your benefits delivery by accurately supporting multiple, diverse and changing employee groups.
  • Benefits information where and when your employees need it with our easy-to-use MyChoiceSM Mobile App.
  • Our market-leading personal benefits assistant, SofiaSM, chats with employees on their schedule.
  • High-touch customer support for complex issues.
  • Compliance services ensure you keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape.

Does this describe you?

  • 72% of HR pros say lack of innovation hinders success.1
  • 74% of HR pros in the healthcare industry are looking to streamline their HR processes to help increase efficiency and reduce costs.2
  • 43% of healthcare HR pros say inefficient systems/inadequate technology is the top challenge to meeting HR goals.3

Along with ease-of-use and accuracy, employee engagement and education is critical in the healthcare space, so having a benefits administration partner with market-changing, easy-to-use solutions is key.   

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2, 3 HealthcareSource


Take a closer look at our platform


Northside hospital

With a lean benefits staff, this hospital focused on empowering employees to be more informed and engaged users. A comprehensive new benefits portal, digital communications, and single sign-on for ease of use proved to be the prescription for employee self-service success.


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Solutions to meet your challenges

Complexity and variability

With significant variability in plans, populations and hours, healthcare systems can make other vendors’ heads spin. Even with complex benefits programs, we deliver simple enrollment based on the employee’s specific eligibility.

Automated reporting

Real-time data keeps you on top of plan performance and engagement.

Single-source solution

When we integrate the end-to-end benefits administration, accuracy takes a front seat. Our flexible, rules-based system drives your current plans and tomorrow’s changes, including acquisition and plan harmonization support.

Compliance support

As regulatory requirements change, we’ll offer the guidance necessary to stay in the lines.