Pooled Insurance Groups

Providing a consistent experience, despite complexities.

We understand your unique needs

Captives, collectives, consortia, MEWA, VEBA, JPA…these types of benefits arrangements have their unique advantages, and their challenges.

Ensuring accurate data for billing, supporting the various member groups, offering a consistent yet unique employee experience, reducing risk by growing the number of lives, making sure data is secure, to name just a few.

We can help by providing a consistent, connected, and streamlined experience.

What’s in it for you?

We’re not dabbling; we’re committed.

Since 2002, Businessolver® has provided technology and consulting to support different pooled models for clients across the U.S.

  • 30 percent of our client book is pooled insurance groups and resellers
  • Average of 14,000 employee lives per group

Using innovative, highly configurable software backed by high-touch customer service, we can enhance benefits delivery by seamlessly supporting multiple, diverse and changing member groups.

Added bonus: Based on the newfound accuracy of enrollment and accounting with our solution, clients often have money freed up for cash reserves.

A unique approach to service

Accuracy, support, and service are key for pooled insurance plans. The ability to successfully administer different member groups under a single umbrella is fundamental in a technology partner.

Data security is vital. At Businessolver, we have stringent processes that ensure your members data is fully protected. This includes proper controls, ongoing monitoring, and regular system auditing.

No matter how small the smallest group in your pool, we put enterprise-level technology, with all its advantages, in their hands.

Outsourcing as growth strategy

As you strive to meet the needs of the member groups that make up your trust or association, take a step back and look at the rapidly evolving expectations of their employees. To attract and retain member groups, you must help them attract and retain talent. Outsourcing can help.

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Solutions to meet your challenges

Complex populations and variability

Pooled groups can make other vendors’ heads spin. Our rules-based, flexible system supports the most complex benefits programs, allowing for easy enrollment based on the employee’s specific eligibility within their member group.

One umbrella, multiple brands

Within the pool, each member group has the option to offer resources branded for its employees. This includes a branded website, employee messaging, and much more.

Auto-reconciled billing and financial reporting

A single source solution for eligibility management and carrier billing drives transparency into the financials for your board and those members with fiduciary responsibility.

Reporting automation

Each member group can pull real-time, nuanced data reports online to show plan performance and engagement.