WEBINAR | Women Empowered by Women
Celebrating Women’s History Month with women leaders.

Join us on March 30 at 1 PM CST to hear four influential women leaders discuss the people who inspired them, empowered them in their careers and personal lives, and their perspectives on inclusive and empathetic workplaces.

Meet the Speakers

Rae Shanahan
Rae is the Chief Strategy Officer at Businessolver and is passionate about empowering her organization through an empathetic and inclusive workplace culture. She champions Businessolver’s focus on empathy, mental wellbeing, and diversity, working tirelessly to improve and refine her and the organization’s efforts to support employees across all three.

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Kelli Thompson
Kelli empowers women in their careers by helping them advance to the rooms where decisions are made. An accomplished speaker, author, and leadership coach, Kelli offers tools, resources, and support to help leaders find career clarity and lead with confidence.

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Jacquelyn Birocci
Jacquelyn is a dynamic HR professional with a passion for enhancing the employee experience. She empowers workforce culture and career progression by helping teams identify underlying issues and build solutions to mitigate risks and create happier, healthier workforces. In 2022, Jacquelyn earned her doctorate in organizational leadership and published her dissertation on call center retention. 

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Marcy Klipfel
Marcy is the Chief Engagement Officer at Businessolver and is dedicated to revolutionizing HR in the workplace by nurturing employees for skills, not positions. She believes that empathy plays a major role in employee job satisfaction and productivity and empowers her organization with empathetic and people-first engagement initiatives and workplace culture.

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