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Businessolver Gives Through Scholarships

Businessolver Gives Through Scholarships
Posted on Monday, February 1, 2021 by Carrie Clogg

We value education and it shows!


There are many ways companies can demonstrate to their employees that they care and offer an attractive culture and suite of benefits. For example, on-site gyms, matching gift programs and healthy days (all which Businessolver provides) just to name a few. These perks and benefits truly matter when job seekers are looking for places to work as well as in retaining our current talent. 

One of the unique benefits Businessolver offers is a scholarship program for employee’s dependents. This is all based on our philosophy that continuing your education or learning a trade after high school will better prepare you to find employment and be your best self. Our company’s Foundation is committed to supporting this mission and we know that assisting financially can make a difference.

What is the Businessolver Scholarship Program?

Each year, we encourage high school graduates of our employees to apply for a Businessolver Scholarship. The scholarship program is available to all members of our company who have completed one year of full- time employment or two years of part-time employment. Since 2016, we have awarded over 60 scholarships to students attending colleges, universities or trade schools all over the nation.

What are the requirements?

Prior to 2020, students receiving a scholarship were required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average each semester. This year, we implemented a program allowing students to give back to their communities and tell us about it. A personal impact essay is required explaining how they gave back to their community through: volunteerism, service trips or other charitable efforts.

This change proved to be extremely valuable to students who were forced to transition to online learning or who joined the many suffering from the challenges of COVID-19. As several studies have shown, volunteering lifts the soul and provides a way to feel productive in times of uncertainty and strife.  

What makes this program special?

In addition to just providing scholarship funds, we pair each recipient with an employee from Businessolver to serve as a personal mentor. Monthly check ins take place and different topics are discussed from career exploration to just a “how are you doing?” session. We also host meet up groups where students can get to know each other and talk about common issues they are facing as they navigate this next step in their lives. The goal is to create a safe community where the mentors AND the mentees can learn from each other and provide support.

I had the opportunity to speak with two scholarship recipients who selected to do community service this semester. What I learned was they were not only able to help others in need, but they helped themselves get through a very difficult time.

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