Businessolver® Foundation

Lend a hand, lift a heart — mobilizing Solver soul to give back

We're living our core value of "Giving Back" by following a vision of philanthropy with intention and purpose.  Our goal: create a healthy, well-educated world where community matters.

Business with a purpose

Our day jobs include ensuring the right products, services, and support are there for our clients at the right time. Our passion extends to bringing that same sense of purpose to the communities in which we live and work.

Serving our community is as important as serving our clients – it brings a richer meaning to “Technology with Heart.” The Businessolver Foundation is our company’s philanthropic arm focused on health, education, and community.

Our overall goals include:

  • Invest our company’s resources in opportunities for community betterment
  • Promote a culture of volunteerism and giving back within our employees
  • Support local and national non-profit organizations matching our focus areas
  • Work together with clients to engage in community partnerships making a difference in areas they philanthropically support

We welcome non-profit organizations working in the areas of health, education or community to apply for a grant or sponsorship from the Foundation.  To learn about eligibility or discuss your proposal, please e-mail

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In giving back, we soar

We started the Businessolver Foundation in 2016, so our journey has just begun. But we are gathering momentum.

Together we are mighty

Take our employees and our clients, add a pinch of encouragement, facilitate their involvement with charitable organizations, and you have a recipe for something amazing. We see this as a strong and meaningful way to create change.

Engaging our extended family across the U.S. with causes they believe in through volunteerism and sponsorship…we got that.

"Our employees and clients are at the heart of everything the Foundation stands for. We encourage our teams to support their philanthropic passions and give time and talent to organizations meaningful to them. Our Foundation will be with them every step of the way and help drive change in the communities we serve."

– Carrie Clogg, Foundation Director

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Helping each other with the important things

We believe in education, but we know it can be costly. We want all our employees to be able to afford secondary education for their kids — whether it’s for college or a trade program. The goal is two-fold:

  • Invest in the futures of our employees’ children
  • Help ease the burden of advanced education

“What a privilege to have the Businessolver Foundation offer scholarships to Solver dependents. Not only does it help with the financial expenses of secondary education, it also shows how Businessolver cares about both employees and their families. This is an amazing benefit.”

- Tracey Orman

“I couldn’t be more thankful for the Businessolver Scholarship! It really motivates me to keep my grades up and do well in school to make everyone at Businessolver proud. It’s kind of like having your family helping you through college. I really couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity Businessolver has given me through the scholarship.”

- Jessica Orman

Meet some of our community partners

American Heart Association
Habitat for Humanity
Junior Achievement of Central Iowa