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The Businessolver Foundation: 2023 Wrapped 

The Businessolver Foundation: 2023 Wrapped 
Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 by Carrie Clogg

The year 2023 proved to be another successful year for the Businessolver Foundation—full of giving (and receiving) hope, compassion, and gratitude. 

When the Businessolver Foundation was just getting started a few years ago, we were able to provide non-profit grants to several organizations, located across the country, in a handful of states. While that was a great accomplishment, we’ve grown exponentially since then. In 2023, the Businessolver Foundation partnered with and granted gifts of variable sizes to 76 different organizations in over 20 states.  

What organizations does the Businessolver Foundation support? 

The 76 different organizations would be too many to name here but check out our Foundation page for more information about our Three Pillars of Giving, and our methodology for choosing which non-profits to support. 

Most notably, 2023 marked the inaugural Solver Service trip. Twelve Businessolver employees, whom we call Solvers, came from various areas of the country to Louisville, Kentucky to serve four non-profit organizations over the week. The team spent time with their hands (and hearts) connecting with Hand in Hand, The Hope Buss, Tip it Forward, and Make-A-Wish to learn and give back to their community through a variety of different ways.  

Watch a recap here

What makes the Businessolver Foundation so impactful?  

It goes without saying that the pandemic forced people to stay in, and at Businessolver, Solvers contribute to a company culture that thrives on philanthropy. And over the last 3 years, we’ve had to engineer creative ways to engage an entirely remote population of over 1,700 Solvers in our Foundation efforts.  

Some of the organizations that the Foundation has granted were hand-chosen and nominated by Solvers, because our employees genuinely care about helping to fund the non-profit organizations that are most important to them, in their communities. That to say, when you engage your employees in the causes they care about, the result is a nationwide network of compassionate individuals, building up their own local communities.  

What’s ahead for the Businessolver Foundation in 2024? 

At Businessolver, we’re no strangers to innovating, optimizing, and maximizing our efforts when it comes to just about everything we do. This year, we’re making it even easier for our Solvers to nominate their favorite organizations for grant distribution. We’re expanding our end-of-year Solver-nominated giving program. We are continuing to support our non-profit network of clients and partners. We’re setting even higher fundraising goals. And one of the things I’m most looking forward to is not just one, but two Solver Service trips in both Des Moines, Iowa and Denver, Colorado.  

As Foundation Director, I whole-heartedly believe that we will not only reach, but exceed our goals this year. And I’m so thrilled to keep the amazing momentum from 2023 going into this New Year. Won’t you join us? Learn more about how you can impact communities across the nation through the Businessolver Foundation