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Tailored Therapy: Personalizing Benefits with Athletico

Athletico, a national outpatient clinic with nearly 6,500 corporate and clinical employees, needed a benefits technology partner that could help them elevate their employee benefits program, improve enrollment, and manage risk and stability through ongoing business growth.

Businessolver supported Athletico in driving greater personalization of their benefits programs to ensure right-fit enrollment, year-round participation, and more.

  • Configurable, Rules-Based Technology: Our single-source platform helped Athletico’s HR team streamline benefits onboarding during acquisitions and drive efficiencies in their benefits strategy.
  • Personalized Employee Benefits: Decision support and in-platform benefit reminders help Athletico employees engage with and feel more confident in their benefits.
  • Integrated Support and Engagement Tools: AI-powered chat and search, integrated communication tools, and 24/7 access to benefits information help Athletico employees find and understand their benefits in the ways that matter most.
Althetico Physical therapist assisting patient
Heidi Heniff, Director of Benefits at Athletico, discusses how Businessolver’s personalization provides meaningful engagement with Athletico employees.
AI-powered personalization in the benefits technology drove successful efficiencies and employee benefits engagement by helping employees understand and navigate their benefits.
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$500,000+ in cost avoidance since joining the platform

Realized by reducing manual processes, removing ineligible dependents and saving time through self-service.

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80% of calls and chats resolved by AI

Helping employees with their benefits questions as quickly as possible.

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51% of employees log in 4+ times

Proving that benefits is more than just a once-a-year event.

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48% of all logins are on the mobile app

Providing employees with access to benefits on the go.

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77% of employees use decision support at enrollment

Ensuring confidence in benefits decisions for a wide-range of employees.

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97% of employees enrolled themselves in benefits

Empowering employees to take control of their benefits selections.

“Decision support has been great—we’ve encouraged people from the start to go in and see what benefits are a good fit for them and see what voluntary benefits could also benefit them alongside their medical elections.”

– Heidi Heniff, Director of Benefits at Athletico, a Businessolver client

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