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Bridging finance, benefits, and HR teams

Our benefits technology was built to streamline HR and benefits processes while increasing engagement with your total benefits package. And when done effectively, those two things not only create happier and healthier employees, they equate to bottom dollar savings that impact your total benefits spend.

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Simply increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase an organization’s profits by $2,400 per employee per year.

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It is our mission to understand where you are and where you’re going – so we can walk alongside you to help pave the way.

We are committed to a strong partnership with our clients, to navigate your current obstacles and help you move forward, towards your organizational goals and the unknowns of tomorrow.

We focus on balancing risk, budget, and compliance to lighten your administrative burden, while offering your employees a personalized benefits experience designed to meet their needs and the needs of their families.

KeHe case study logoSee how KeHE Distributors saved nearly $3,000,000 by reducing manual processes and leveraging personalized technology to drive employee engagement.

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Secure and compliant platform

Reduce risk with a platform built on a HITRUST security framework that limits data that comes and goes from the system. As a single-source solution, your data is highly protected and transparent to you.

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Automated technology & processes

Removing ineligible dependents or completing evidence of insurability should not be the day-to-day focus of your HR and Benefits team. Let technology automate these processes on your behalf to bring real savings (as much as $3,577 per dependent) to your spend.

Benefits technology done right

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Regulated services are critical to your financial success. Our technology eases the burden and manages the administration of regulatory benefits requirements on your behalf, all from a single source platform reducing data risk.

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Drive Thoughtful Plan Adoption

Our integrated decision support takes a holistic view of your employees to ensure they are enrolling in the most effective plan from your benefits program. Helping employees enroll in the right plan can bring as much as $1,150 in savings per employee per year.

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Benefits Optimization Calculator

We leverage technology to empower employees in selecting and activating on available plans and programs and provide employers real-time data and insights to optimize efficiency, manage costs and ensure compliance within their HR and benefits programs.

To help you better understand how investing in benefits technology can impact your spend, we leveraged data from our own system, as well as industry studies, to develop a Benefits Optimization Calculator.

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Drive More Efficiency to Your Bottom Line

Benefits are critical to the retention of your workforce, but they are also one of the most expensive line items in your overall budget. Don’t get stuck in the status quo.

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